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International Best-Selling Author
Public Speaking Coach • Professional Actress
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Are YOU Ready To Ditch The Fear of Speaking 
So You Can Look Good and Sound Smart?
Become An EPIC Speaker
Stop Sucking! 
Speak & Present like a PRO And Impress Your Peers!
  •  For Work Presentations
  •  Meetings and Conferences
  •  Entrepreneurs On Stage
  •  Wedding Toasts
  •  Showing Up On Video
  •  YouTube & Facebook Live 
Now you can Stop Feeling Like an Idiot, 
and Instead:
  •  Communicate More Easily
  •  Further Your Career
  •  Boost Your Confidence 
  •  Have A Great Time
  •  Make a Real Impact
  •  Meet and Connect People
And You Don’t Have to Be A “Born Speaker” with Natural Charisma to Do it!
Are you an intelligent person who has a hard time getting your point across or sounding smart when you speak on stage?

Feel terrified every time you have to give a talk in front of people?

Go From “Knee Shaking” Public Speaking to “Breath Taking” 
 In Just 8 Short Classes With The EPIC System

Speaking opens doors for everyone. But when you try to stand up and share your ideas does it become a very negative experience for you? Some people seem to naturally fit into the spotlight, but the truth is about 83% of people suffer from speech anxiety. That’s most people--so think about all the opportunities we all turn down because we are too nervous to pursue speaking in public.

But what if you could finally banish the stagefright blues? 

Then you’d be cooking with gas! You’ll finally be able to CASH IN on those same opportunities that might have escaped you in the past. (Hey, you don’t have to have natural charisma to speak well!) That means you’ll advance your career and look better in front of your peers.

And the best part is:
 it won't take a lot of your time or energy to 
Make the Switch from Nervous-for-days 
to Solid, Out-Of-This-World presentations 
 no matter what topic you speak on!
Wow your boss, peers, friends and family. Make a bigger impact, sell without selling, supercharge your self-confidence and communicate with ease in your presentations as a professional or business owner.
The way forward is HERE: Now thanks to the EPIC System you can Stop Dreading at this Public Speaking Thing!

Shift Your Experience Speaking from "Knees Shaking" to "Breathtaking"!

Enjoying every moment of speaking in front of a crowd can open doors that are closed to all those people who are too nervous to speak with confidence.

Stop feeling so nervous that you want to throw up. 
It's possible to enjoy the ride!
The EPIC System will help open doors for:
  • Speaking Gigs in Front of VIP audiences aka “Game Changers”
  • Live VIP Events and Retreats set in Fascinating Places around the World
  • Exciting New Partners
  • Joint Ventures
  • Recruitment as a Paid Keynote Speaker they PAY to Fly in
  •  Leading Classes to Share Your Knowledge
  •  Inspiring Your Community
  •  Setting the Agenda in Your Organization
  •  Employment
  •  Book Sales 
  •  Bigger, More Leveraged Impact (Saving Time!)
  •  Angel Investors
  •  Interviews
  •  Promotions
  •  Raises 
  •  Deep, Meaningful Emotional Impact
  •  Sales 
  •  And maybe even Changing the World depending on your topic!
Because we all know what it can be like:

You have a presentation coming up.

You think it through a dozen or more times in the days and nights leading up to it.

It keeps you up at night or even makes you feel sick.

Maybe you over-prepare, maybe you leave it to the last minute.

You worry that there isn’t enough time for everything you want to say, or that you will forget something important, but you do your best to prepare. (Hey - you have to!)

When you show up on the big day you think, ”I better make this good! This is my chance.” 

You open your mouth to speak and your mouth feels so dry it’s like sandpaper. 

Maybe your hands or legs shakes in front of everyone.

Your stomach is tight or even in knots.

Your face flushes hot and bright red. 

A trickle of sweat rolls down your back. When did it get so hot in here???
You’ve got notes, but it’s hard to balance reading them and looking up to speak to the audience. 

You notice people drifting off and it shakes you a bit. Why aren’t they listening??? You worked so hard on this.

Sometimes you find yourself stumbling ---- oh no! You’re blanking! ---- on the things you really wanted to say.

Now your realize you're talking too fast.

It’s hard to look at everyone’s faces as they watch you speak. 

You rush to get through it so it’s over and done with. Now you just want to get out of here.

Instead of showing up and enjoying this opportunity, you feel nervous and deflated,  even awkward in front of everyone. You leave knowing you could have done better.
Do you wish you didn’t get so nervous before you speak?

Want to be calmer and more confident?

Do you want people to look up, and pay attention as you talk, so you know you aren’t losing them?

Do you want to inspire them to take action?

Do you want to convince them of the importance of your topic? 

At the end of your talk, Do you want to walk away knowing you made an impact?

You don’t have to be Nervous and Afraid You Are Going to Fall Apart!

You CAN be an EPIC Speaker and Speak like a Pro! Fast. 
You, too, can become an EPIC speaker.

And this is what it will look like:

People are going to remember you and everything you have to say in your presentations.

You’ll no longer have any doubt that your audience is listening through your entire presentation, captured and captivated, and enjoying what you have to say.

Best of all you, as the speaker or facilitator will finally be able to enjoy the spotlight, and no longer feel nervous or stressed out about speaking. You can show up, turn it on strong with confidence, and walk away with applause. 

The lead up to speaking will become an enjoyable part of the process because you know you’ll have prepared the most important things for a successful presentation, talk or speech.

You will think, “Yes! I did good!” that you nailed it every single time you speak, rather than leaving frustrated, asking yourself, “Where did I go wrong.” 
Now Available for a LIMITED Time:
Shift Your Experience Speaking 
from “Knees Shaking” to “Breath Taking"
In Only 8 Short Classes
Available to You On Demand, Immediately, as Soon as You Sign Up!

8 • 20 minute classes
  •  INCLUDED FREE: Slides From Each Session
  • FREE BONUS: Grounding Exercise To Perform Pre-Performance
  •  FREE BONUS: The Body Relaxation Method
  •  FREE BONUS: "Get In The Zone"

"The most valuable part of this week's seminar was Colleen's coaching. I've been through Toastmasters and other training on presentation, and what Colleen showed me with where to put my feed, how to hold my hands, and what to do with my energy just took my confidence to the next level. I'm so grateful."

- Mike Tate, Consultant, Author, "A Unique Renegade"
"What an amazing lesson again. Right after our call, I went into a call with some business partners... they noticed that my awareness and self-confidence had changed BIG time. I would like to thank you for this amazing experience. I feel on top of the world and I'm going to nail it on Friday."

- Dave De Meyer, Founder, The Million Dollar Club
"This was a great video Colleen, I needed this! Thank you!"

- Anne Wong
No more thinking, "I’m not sure I can do this” when the opportunity strikes to speak in front of a crowd.
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Created by Colleen Aynn

International Best-Selling Author • Public Speaking Coach
Actress with 30 years experience on stages all over the world
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